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YANA Studios, LLC, was founded 2015.  
Overall, we express much gratitude for the opportunity to share our knowledge and advocate for others to build a healthier tomorrow.  We believe "in taking responsibility to help one another, therefore establishing strength to transform the world into a better place.” We also strive to enlighten others to understand they are not alone, because ultimately “we are all one.”

We perform the following services in the community: advocacy, mentorship, public speaking, entrepreneurship, education, life, health, and spiritual coaching.

Credentials range from Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Master of Arts in Public Administration, and a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy.  In addition to certifications or training in Adult hatha yoga, Children yoga, Qigong, Anger Management I, Japanese relaxation techniques (Reiki I, II, Master, and Karuna), Pranic healing, Assertive life coach, ZUMBA. 

Outreach and public speaking venues include, but are not limited to high schools and colleges in New York City.  We aim at motivating individuals to reach beyond false limitations. Among them are Long Island University, Monroe College, The Felisa Rincón de Gautier Institute for Law and Public Policy High School and Peace and Diversity High School.