by Tasha Valentino & Steven Jeffry

Tasha L. Valentino and her son Steven Jeffry bring forth “My Family through My Eyes” with hope that it will help initiate healing in individuals and families. It is a book which shares experiences bad and good in families. As emotions are expressed healing takes place. Therefore working through the pain and uncomfortable stages a family can go through, elevating them to a different state of existence by shifting perception.

You are not Alone: Give me your Hand

by Tasha Valentino

This book is dedicated to those who have been told they would never succeed. I tell you differently believe in yourself and see how far you soar.

Our mission is to promote health and wellness through education and initiatives that:

  •  Encourage life-long habits of wellness.
  • Identify resources that will ultimately contribute to well-being.
  • Inspire and empower individuals to take ownership of their health. 
  • Support a sense of community.


• We can love ourselves in all areas of our lives.

• We can accept ourselves as we are great.

• We can decide honesty is one of our strengths.

• We can embrace our vulnerabilities yet know we are still protected.

• We can give credence to our resiliency.

• We can create the life we chose to live.

• We can welcome happiness and joy into our lives.

• We can understand and speak our inner truth.

• We can obtain clarity of the mind.

• We can trust in deserving the best and highest good for ourselves without guilt or shame.

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